Most of Andrew’s recent work has been collaborative.  His individual projects are listed below in chronological order.

Liverpool University (2002-2006)

Following his BSc, Andrew carried out several Master’s projects in the field of Geometry under the supervision of distinguished academic Prof. Peter Giblin OBE.

MSc Project: Envelopes (2005)

MSc Dissertation: Curves of constant width & Centre symmetry sets

MSc Thesis: Surfaces of constant width


Manchester University (2006-2012)

Under the supervision of distinguished academic Prof. Paul Glendinning, Andrew carried out research into Biological networks for his PhD.  He went on to work with one of Manchester’s interdisciplinary research groups interested in the field of Human Balance.

Casual Researcher Report: Literature Commentary (2011)

PhD Thesis: General methods for large biological networks applied to fruit fly models

Research paper: A reduced Drosophila model whose characteristic behavior scales up